Our Team

Research Team Leader

Prof. Dr. Susan Williams

Susan Williams is a Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Koblenz-Landau and a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney. She leads the Enterprise Information Management Research Group and its two research labs, the Information Design Lab and the Enterprise of Things Lab. She is an interdisciplinary researcher with expertise in the areas of social and organisational informatics. Her research examines complex socio-technical change (STC) and how emerging technologies are shaping business, society and local practices. Her current work focuses on emerging information infrastructures including the Internet of Things and enterprise social software. Sue is committed to interactive research in close collaboration with industry partners and she has worked with organisations ranging from start-ups to large international organisations and local and national government agencies in the UK, Australia and Germany.

 williams@uni-koblenz.de       Professor       A114

Research Assistants

Clara S. Greeven

Clara Greeven is a Research Assistant in the Enterprise Information Management Research Group at the University of Koblenz-Landau. After her Bachelor’s degree in Information Management from the University of Koblenz-Landau she completed her Master’s degree in Information Systems in September 2015, also at the University of Koblenz-Landau. During her studies, she initially worked as a Student Assistant at the Institute for Management and as a working student in the field of CRM in the TechnologieZentrum Koblenz. Afterwards, she worked as a Student Research Assistant in the Enterprise Information Management Research Group on social media risks. Her current research focuses on benefits change over the course of Enterprise Collaboration Systems projects.

 cgreeven@uni-koblenz.de       Research Assistant       A115

Patrick Nitschke

Patrick Nitschke is currently working as a research assistant with the Enterprise Information Management Research Group at the University Koblenz-Landau. He holds a BSc in Computervisualistik and a MSc in Information Systems. Additionally, he worked as a software developer, using RoR, and later as a software engineer. He is currently leading the Enterprise of Things Lab of the research group Enterprise Information Management, in which is has been involved in since November 2016. In this position, he is responsible for the research activities as well as the cooperation with the partners of the project "Digitales Handwerk”.

 nitschke@uni-koblenz.de       Research Assistant       A115

Affiliated Research Partners

Prof. Dr. Catherine Hardy

Catherine Hardy is an Associate Professor in Business Information Systems at The University of Sydney Business School. Her research focuses on the relation between technological innovation, organisational change and governance, risk and compliance systems, with special attention to processes of accountability, control, technology foresight and policy. She is an interdisciplinary researcher and takes a socio-technical change view in pursuing research in various empirical domains including: eProcurement, cybersecurity, social business, Internet of Things and public and private sectors. Catherine’s current work examines the governability of the Internet of Things (IoT) and professional risks of social media, the impact of digital transformation on board dynamics and composition, and the use of analytics and continuous assurance, including the impact on work practices and identities of risk and assurance professionals.

 hardy@local.test       Associate Professor       The University of Sydney Business School

Student Assistants

Philipp Müller

Philipp Müller has been studying Information Systems at the University Koblenz-Landau since 2013. After successfully finishing a practical course (Projektpraktikum) about the use and value of organizational IoT scenarios, he has been working for the research group of Enterprise Information Management (FGEIM) as a student assistant. He is responsible for research on selected IoT related domains and is responsible for the preparation of content to support the research team.

 pmueller01@uni-koblenz.de       Student Assistant